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Curated Adventures for Private Groups

 Exclusive Tours & Itineraries

Our private, curated adventures offer a unique way to experience San Diego's natural beauty. Escape the ordinary and embark on a journey tailored exclusively to your group.


Whether it's an intimate sunset sail along the coast, a thrilling kayak expedition to hidden sea caves, a serene morning of yoga on the beach followed by exhilarating surfing, or a group hike through San Diego's hills and valleys, our adventures are designed to create unforgettable moments.


We are able to assist with all aspects of your excursion, from logistics and transportation to dining and accommodations. 


Whether you're a large family seeking bonding moments, a corporation in search of team-building experiences, or an event planner looking for a unique activity for your client, we'll have the perfect adventure waiting for you.



Private Hiking Tours

Tours for corporate groups, team-building events, conference-activities, and other large groups

Tour Group

All-inclusive Excursions

Multi-destination day trips including meals, transportation, supplies, and experienced guides


Group Surfing & Lessons

Surfing activities for large groups led by experienced instructors at San Diego's most beautiful beaches


Private Charters

Private boating experiences for large groups


Group Fishing Tours

Fishing excursions for participants of all experience levels

Outdoor Night Event

Special Events & Custom Solutions

Curated itineraries for team-building based on your organization's goals

Contact us today to learn more about our private group offerings, and how we can help plan the perfect experience to meet your group's needs.

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